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Learn Which Questions You'll Be Asked in the Interview Without Wasting Your Time Guessing or "Winging It" In the Interview

Get real questions from an engineering hiring manager 

Get Help From an ex-Engineering Manager...
Hello there, my name is LaKiesha Tomlin, and I know all about landing technical jobs. 

Not only have I grown my technical career...working at places such as Apple, Boeing and Northrop Grumman as a hiring engineering manager, but I’ve also helped thousands of job seekers land offers and interviews at some of the world's top engineering companies. Now you can learn what you need to know in a technical interview to be on the right path to getting an offer.
Learn the 3 Keys To Unlocking the Questions to Your Interview
By downloading the guide, I'll teach you:
Technical Questions
Learn which behavioral questions engineering managers love to ask in the interview. 
Project Management Questions
Discover which project or program management questions hiring managers will most definitely ask in the interview. 
Leadership Questions
Ace your interview leadership questionsby anticipating what you'll be asked 
- even if you are not leading a team.
Why do you need this guide anyway?

Interviews are high stakes and there's a lot of competition today as it's easy for anyone to apply. The interview is literally the difference between getting the job or not. 
Instead of just "winging it" or trying to guess a the questions, download this guide to get the exact questions I have asked as engineering hiring manger in aerospace and tech industries for over a half decade -- in countless interviews. 

You'd be surprised how many engineers stumbled on these questions. 

It was painful for me to watch.

You're smarter.

You'll be ready with this guide to help you ace these interviews. 
About LaKiesha
Hey, I'm LaKiesha

I'm glad you're here!

I help engineers, technical project and program managers to land technical jobs without applying online by taking them through the entire job search process from figuring out their career path to negotiating their salary. 

I've been a hiring manager at Apple on the iPhone engineering team, leading a team of Technical Program Managers and in the Aerospace Industry at Boeing and Northrop Grumman leading manufacturing, quality, systems and test engineering teams. 

Who has this worked for?
“LaKiesha was very efficient at developing steps that were easy to execute to get me to the next level of my career goals. I also greatly appreciated the fact that she followed up to make sure that I completed those steps and was genuinely concerned with making sure I achieved the expected outcome.”

Michael H., Chemistry PhD

“LaKiesha's coaching is unique, insightful, and very beneficial for my upcoming interviews. Her techniques equipped me with ways on controlling the interview and negotiating salary. I had greater confidence after our coaching session. 
LaKiesha listened, questioned, and identified the guidance needed and provided directions on what to do & how to achieve my desired goals. She opened my eyes to the need of a coach. I highly recommend her coaching sessions.”

Terrell H. - Electrical Engineer

Learn Which Questions You'll Be Asked in the Interview

 51 Top TECHNICAL CAREER Interview Questions 

For Engineers, Engineering Project Managers and Technical Program Managers

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